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ILS BROKERS LTD is a brokerage house based in Tel Aviv and is engaged in brokering financial transactions between Banks. Our customers include local and international banks which are all prestigious and regulated financial institutions. I.L.S.B Established in 2001, I.L.S Brokers Ltd. was and still is a pioneer in providing the inter-bank market with financial, mostly Forex oriented, brokerage services FX Spot - FX Swap - Israeli Bonds - FRAS/IRS - Swaptions - FX Options - Equity derivatievs

Among the Company's international customers are CitiBank, Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, JPMChase, Royal Bank of Scotland, CS, UBS, Dresdner Bank, Barclys, GS, HSBC to name few. All Israeli banks are customers of I.L.S Brokers including Bank of Israel which is using the announced spot prices to monitor the market and in setting the 'official rate' (fix rate) daily, The central bank use ILS BROKERS to intervene in the USD/ILS spot market and to buy on a daily basis 100$ per day. I.L.S. Brokers Ltd. is the leading and most experienced brokerage company in the Israeli Shekel related products.

We are a multinational brokerage house based in Tel Aviv and engaged in brokering financial transactions between banks. We offer a full range of voice brokerage services including price quotes, execution, straight-through-processing, and clearing and settlement for Bonds. The main products we provide are: Foreign Exchange (Spot, Forward, Options and Exotic Options); Interest Rate Swaps (Options and Derivatives); and Bonds (Government and corporate) for banks and other financial institutional in Israel.